Rome Silent Protest

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They came and stood in silence — but made a statement for the ages.

Two hundred faithful Catholics, gathering in anticipation — and some fear and prayer. Their cause? Next week’s Amazon Synod.

The silent prayer — consisting of faithful from various countries and continents.

José Antonio Ureta: “The process of self-demolition of the Church has reached such a tremendous, dramatic point that there is no more human solution. And we need to ask for the intervention of St. Michael the Archangel.”

Michael Voris: “What’s going on is really like the battle in Heaven, where Lucifer was thrown out of Heaven by Michael and his angels, and we faithful Catholics have to stand here and represent in the same way.”

The Amazon Synod is being pointed to as a revolution in Church teaching, not so much regarding the possibility of married priests, but more as the conclusion of a plot to remake the Church, embracing pantheism and syncretism, as well as denying the unique and singular role of the Church in the salvation of souls.

John-Henry Westen: “This really is a historic time, because so many men and women of faith stood here and prayed earnestly for the defense of the Faith, at a time when the Faith is being attacked more than ever in history.”

Organizer Professor Roberto de Mattei said the time has come for faithful Catholics to begin witnessing strongly to the truth of the Catholic faith.

Roberto de Mattei: “Our manifestation [demonstration] is above all an appeal to the angels — to St. Michael and all the angels, for helping us in the struggle we are fighting against the enemies of the Church.”

Participants stood silent and motionless for nearly an hour, praying the Rosary on a single-decade Rosary made especially for the occasion by cloistered Carmelites.

They offered an exorcism prayer composed by Pope Leo, calling on St. Michael to assemble his heavenly army and vanquish the devils from the midst of the Church.

And they concluded at the end of the hour by loudly singing the Credo — the profession of faith

This is just the first in a series of events in Rome this week from faithful Catholics calling on the hierarchy to return to an orthodox expression of the Faith.


 Christine Niles, M.St. (Oxon.), J.D., September 29, 2019

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